Friday, January 25, 2013

Thought Life- What'cha Thinking?

WOW! Look how much time has lapsed since the first post. Yikes. I'm a recovering procrastinator. :)

This is my first real post for this blog.  I chose this story because it is a perfect example of how we can be deceived by the enemy.   I’m a natural airhead.  So maybe I’m easily duped than most. I’m real smart but it takes me awhile to “get it”.  

Here’s the story for today’s post.  I was recovery from having a hysterectomy.  I was into my second week of recovery when a situation happened with a person close to me.  The person didn't know it- but they hurt my feelings (I’m real ‘touchy feely’).  I allowed those hurt feelings to turn into anger and I had quite a lot to ‘say’ in my head about what had happened.  

My negative thinking went on for quite awhile before I finally stopped my ‘stinking thinking’.  

I normally wake up in a good mood. Peaceful. Joyful.  Ready for a new day.  But a couple of days after the above incident, I woke up in a bad mood (go figure).  As I was getting ready I was analyzing the reason for my mood.  (I had forgotten about what had happened).  I did the normal mind/body reviews- am I sick? Etc.  Then the thought occurred to me.... “I’m just PMSing”.  “I’m about to start”.  Yea! That was it. I was just PMSing.  Then I moved.  And the pain from my incisions from my HYSTERECTOMY (meaning- no more PMS.  NO more periods!!) reminded me- nope that can’t be it.

Hhmm... then if I’m not about to start.... why the bad mood?  Holy Spirit reminded me of my emotional fit I pitched after the above incident.  Even though it was in my head.... and no one knew about.  It had affected my body and my spirit and me receiving peace and joy from the Lord.

I believe that the enemy can ‘drop’ thoughts into our minds.  I believe the thoughts are mostly in the first person, “I’m just PMSing”.  It’s when we take those ‘dropped’ thoughts as our own and we start thinking on them and acting on them.... that’s where the danger comes.  

Start thinking about what you are thinking about.  Refuse the thoughts of the enemy.  Instead, “think on whatever is whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

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