Saturday, January 26, 2013

Final Expense... Memories or Bills?

I love reading Blogs.  Blogs about the Christian life, being a wife and a mother, DIY natural cleaners, homesteading, raising chickens and on and on....

I've seen posts about managing money and being frugal, meal planning and buying in bulk.

Here's my question......

Are your's and your family's final expenses covered?  I know many talk about 'green' burials.  I've looked into those and there aren't many approved 'green' burial sites.  I'm not talking about 'green' burials.

I'm talking about having the 'green' to pay for whatever type of burial you chose.

There are term life insurance policies and whole life policies.  Yes, there are others but I'm going to keep this blog simple. :)

Term life ends.  Some are 20 years, 30 years or longer.  Some may be through an employer.  At the end of the 'term'... it ends.  All those premiums paid... gone.

Whole Life policies are basically for one's 'whole life' or the 'life' of the policy usually paid up at age 95 or 100.

If you have life insurance- be sure you know what kind it is and how much it is for... make sure it will cover costs now or in the future.

Talk to some local funerals homes and preplan your burial.  Or get prices on the type of burial you want before contacting a local insurance agent in your area.   Don't let a commission hungry insurance agent talk you into more than you need or can afford.

The Proverbs 31 woman planned ahead.  She was a business woman as well as a godly wife and mother.  The Bible tells us to be good stewards of our finances.

Preplanning and/or having a life insurance policy is a good thing.

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