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Therapeutic Essential Oils

Therapeutic Essential Oils

So... in my other post The Low Side of Normal I mention my health crisis.  When the medical community failed to helped I turned to, by God's leading, nourishing food, exercise, herbs/ supplements and essential oils.

I'll post later about how each of those helped on my journey toward healing.

Right now I'll focus on why I added therapeutic essential oils to my healing arsenal.

There is a difference in the quality of therapeutic essential oils (bought from Young Living and doTerra) and essential oils bought at stores such as Earthfare, Whole Foods etc.

Here is an excellent post from Young Living about what therapeutic essential oils are.

All essential oil contains compounds with unique healing and therapeutic benefits.

My passage into oils began when I had reached a point where herbs and supplements were not helping (enough).  There was still something missing.  By this point in my journey, I had finally been prescribed Armour Thyroid.  I chose Armour because it was 'natural'.  I'm not excited about the fact that it was made from pigs- but I was desperate enough to try it.  

It took some time before my body adjusted to the medicine.  I tried various times to take it.  I started out by halving it and taking one half in the morning and one half in the afternoon.  I could feel a difference but decided to try taking the whole pill (30 mg) in the morning.  BAM!  Tada!  It started working consistently.  HOWEVER, I could tell that my body still needed something- maybe I could have waited for time to help.  But I had lost enough time going to doctors or giving up expecting my condition to get better.

I had a friend on Facebook who kept posting about how essential oils were helping her and her family.  I kept running across article and after article about the healing proprieties of essential oils.

So.... I took the plunge.  I looked at several oils to help with my thyroid, progesterone levels, and some other health issues.  When I added up the cost of each- it made more economic sense to buy the starter kit.  I chose the Premium starter kit.  

I made several oil blends to try on myself.  I was the guinea pig.  I made a blend for helping with stress (anxiety is a symptom of low thyroid). One helped lower my blood sugar (I was pre-diabetic). I had gained a lot of weigh due to low thyroid.  One blend helped me and my husband stop snoring- loudly and as much.  One helped with sickness.  One helped me breathe easier and cough less.  (One symptom of low thyroid is a hoarse voice or a scratchy feeling in the throat).  Another blend helped my endocrine system. 

My starter kit was a great beginning.  But I wanted to try some other oils.  I took classes, studied more and learned about how our cells receive the benefits from essential oils.  I bought different oils and blends such as Progesterone Plus & EndoFlex to use in my EndoHelp blend.  Vetiver and Brain Power to help my son- focus and concentrate better.  R.C. helps with respiratory issues.

I have raised my thyroid and progesterone levels (a little higher than with just prescriptions alone).

I could go on and on....

The main point I want to make is to search and try what works for you.  If you are like me and could tell something else is missing- maybe therapeutic essential oils are for you.

I started out just buying for me but since I bought the starter kit.  I am now a distributor for Young Living.  Here is the link to purchase Young Living from me. 

 Click to Order  If you are interested you can join several Facebook EO groups that share information and you can go to oily classes for free! 

I will be selling my oil blends soon.  

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Low Side of Normal

The first week of January 2012 my health crisis began.

It started with one symptom and quickly turned into more.  By December 2012 I was having a hysterectomy.  Then the crippling fatigue began.  I had to quit work. 

Test after test.  Nothing.  My blood work for thyroid and hormones were normal.  Low- but within normal ranges.

I started having new symptoms.  Pain in my gluts and quad muscles. My joints hurt.  My head was fuzzy.  I couldn't remember things.  I gained 40+ pounds.

I researched my symptoms. I diagnosed myself with Adrenal Fatigue, low progesterone, high estrogen, and Insulin Resistant.

Months turned into years.  I would give up and stop going to doctors for testing.  Then go back only to be told – everything looked normal- low but normal.  I was tested for Lupus, other auto-immune diseases, cancer... thankfully I tested negative for everything.  Blood work still showed normal ranges of thyroid and hormones- but low.

I kept researching my symptoms. I started reading about low thyroid.  I had 90% of the symptoms.  I researched Armor Thyroid.  I went to my doctor and begged to try Armor Thyroid.  He referred me to a nurse who specialized in women's hormones.  (He confused her and another woman who specializes in endocrine hormones).

The nurse put me on bio-identical progesterone.  She said that "my" low and "someone else's" low might not be the same thing.  She said she was going to get me up to the middle range and see how I felt.  That helped so much but didn't help with all of it.

She referred me to the endocrine hormone specialist. She said the same thing about being low.  She wanted to get me up to the middle. SHE put me on Armor Thyroid.

TADA!!!  That was it.  Amour Thyroid helped get my life back.  Fatigue- 90% gone.   Now I just get a little tired around 6pm every once in awhile.  Pain in muscles- gone.  Joints don't hurt as much. (I have a little arthritis in a few joints).   I was/am also pre-diabetic.  

If you are going through a health crisis and the doctors can't/ won't give you a diagnosis.  Keep researching for yourself.  Be your own advocate.  If your blood work is 'low' in an area….  Remember 'low' for you might mean 'not normal'.

My thyroid numbers were low.  But now my numbers are in the middle of normal.  I feel so much better.  I feel like a person again.  I can do things with my family.  I'm back to work.

I love life again.

I will tell you I turned to God first for healing and I know He led me to natural supplements, herbs, therapeutic essential oils, eating changes, and life style changes.

Above all- keep praying and seeking Him for healing and wisdom for what to do.

Keep fighting.  Keep praying.  Keep searching.

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