About Me & Why The Blog

I'm a wife to an absolutely wonderful loving man, a mother to 4 young adults, and a Mimi to two wonderful grandbabies.

I work outside the home.  I'm a Benefits Counselor and I love what I do.  The Lord has provided me an incredibly amazing job.   I'm not a career woman.  The job is necessary for our (my- a later blog) finances.  I'm balancing being a full time worker, a wife, and a mom to adult children.... that's more challenging than toddlers. :)

I can balance a million dollar checking account to the penny but forget correct grammar rules.

About 8 months ago I started following blogs about DIY home decorating... and somehow I stumbled upon blogs about homesteading, reducing toxins in our home and bodies, herbal medicine, healthy eating (soaking grains and beans), RAW MILK!!! (and on and on).

I am now on a journey of incorporating all the above into our lives.  I'll admit I was very overwhelmed with "Oh My Gosh, I need to live sustainability RIGHT NOW!"  (That's one of my issues I'm overcoming,... I'm a  big over reactor).  :)  But finally I've swung to the middle and I'm making small manageable changes.

I'll share what I've been doing and what works for me and encourage you to try this incredible journey of moving away from a MASS PRODUCED life.

What I mean by that is there is a move from . . . .
     buying unhealthy processed foods
     using toxic cleaners and skin care products
     having an "I have to have all the latest toys"
    and having a "who cares about what I do to the environment" attitude

. . . and a move to . . . .
    making and buying healthy foods
    buying local and in season whenever possible
    using or better yet- making - natural nontoxic cleaners and skin care
    up cycling, reusing, and thrift shopping!
    living slower and on purpose
   caring about mankind and the environment


More important than all the above.... I have been on a journey of living a REAL Christian life.  I (and others) have made many mistakes while being Christians.  Yes. God is a forgiving God.  But how many people have I turned against Christianity by acting in ignorance or unloving?  How many blessings have I miss out on because I acted foolishly?  I have caused a lot of negative consequences to occur in my life due to me catering to my 'flesh' (or selfish desires).

Christianity is being a follower of God and His laws and principals through His Son Jesus with the help of the third person in the Trinity, Holy Spirit.

It's a.... rewarding .... hard .... fulling .... peaceful .... joyful .... exasperating .... wonderful ..... incredible life.

Don't let a messed up misguided "Christian" ruin your ability to see Jesus as a wonderful Savior... God as a loving Father... and Holy Spirit as the best Counselor and Helper you'll EVER know.

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  1. I'm with you on all of the above! Except my kids are 2 & 6. :) Keep it up, it's all hard work, but definitely worth it!