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PREPARED - A Fictitious Story Based on True Events

The main focus of the book is about preparing for an unknown disaster.  Whether the disaster or emergency situation is weather related, loss of power and/or water, man made, or God's judgement- we need to be prepared.  I believe The Harbinger book and The Mystery of the Shemita book have been written as warnings to us.  My book, "Prepared" is a fictional book about the main character's struggle with 'preparing' for an upcoming tragic event.

Book Two: "Virus" (written years before this current Ebola virus issue) is about population control, genetic manipulation and survival.

A Fictitious Story Based on True Events

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 It's a story about one woman's journey toward living a sustainable healthy life, preparing for an unknown uncoming tragic event and her fight against a big chemical company that also manufactures most of the world's genetically engineered food.

It was my research for healthy foods (see my story below), my dreams (later described by Alex toward the end of this book) and my love of zombie type movies that led to this book.  

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph
is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke

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Introduction (Why I Wrote This Book)
The main character in this book, Kristy, is a lot like me.  I developed digestive issues that resulted in $1000s of medical bills, a colonoscopy, ultra sounds, a CT scan and eventually the removal of my fibroid ridden uterus. 

No doctor could help me or offer any advice as to what was happening and how I could improve.  I came across many women who had the same or similar symptoms and the same unproductive medical advice.  No doctor ever suggested it was food related. 

In November 2011, my husband and I started enjoying nightly ‘night caps’ of Irish Cream and milk.  It was delicious, but, the liquor was destroying the precious balance of gut flora, over working my liver, reducing my immune system, stressing my already stressed out adrenal glands, and putting on extra weight.

For Christmas 2011, I received an at-home-soda marker.  I had asked for it.  It seemed to be the perfect gift since I was an avid diet soda drinker.  My former diet soda contained aspartame.  I had experienced arthritis like pain and what is called aspartame poisoning on numerous occasions, but I would lower the amount I drank until the pain went away.  [Side note:  Aspartame is a known excitotoxin].

The at-home-soda maker used Splenda in the diet drinks.  I thought this was going to be better than the aspartame.  I had done research on Splenda (years ago) and could not find any adverse issues.  I later discovered Splenda is known (documented- scientific- studies- known) for killing (destroying all) gut flora. 

In January 2012 I started experiencing embarrassing and painful digestive symptoms.   I no longer had regular bowl movements- actually I stopped having bowl movements all together … unless I took powerful medicines to produce one.  I went to my general doctor who referred me to a gastroenterologist.  She ran tests, did blood work, did a CT, ultra sound, then finally a colonoscopy.  Nothing was found.  Nothing was ever suggested.  I was only given different prescriptions to try. 

The ultra sound did reveal an enlarged uterus and uterine fibroids but my ob-gyn said it was nothing to worry about.  I later changed ob-gyn docs- but that’s another story.

While reading my colonoscopy report I came across my doctor’s notes: “possible IBS”.  She didn’t say anything to me about it.  If I hadn’t had read that… I would have never known.

I started researching safe foods for a person with IBS-C to eat.  I knew that certain foods either helped or aggregated my digestive issues.  I believe the Lord led me to the Blood Type diet which led me to the GenoType Diet both by Dr. Peter D’Adamo.  He’s a leader in epigenetics.

Following my safe foods list and increasing my consumption of fermented foods and beverages, switching to raw dairy products, giving up all diet sodas and pasteurized milk, and almost all processed foods has greatly improved my digestive issue.  I’m not at 100% yet, but I’m on my way.


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  1. Excellent!!! I'm reading a great book at the moment with GMOs being a big part.
    Thank for sharing! You might enjoy my post today about GMOs poisoning our Children and Pets!

  2. I did read your article. I signed up for your site. :)

    It is scary what is being allowed in our foods. Thank you for your comment.