Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Full Circle

Well..... it's been quiet in my soul lately.

I had so much to say.  I had so many posts to write.  But now... I seem to be in a holding pattern.

A long time ago I started out with DIY home decorating blogs and somehow moved to preparedness/ DIY personal products/ homesteading blogs.

I had surgery in December.

I go back to full time in a couple of weeks.

I won't be getting chickens anytime soon.  I didn't start seeds indoors.  I feel like I've come full circle- back to where I started.

I still want a garden - but I can sow seed directly or buy transplant.

I stopped my milk herd share for a few weeks.

It's ok to stop and make adjustments.

I'll get back into my 'normal' routine and slowly prioritize the things that matter most. :)

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